Natural Remedies for Gout In Ankle


Unbearable and intense – anyone who suffers from gout in ankle will describe the pain in such words. I was diagnosed with gout at a very young age, but I knew I had to fight it out. I started searching for ways to fight the disease naturally – my Doctor had prescribed medicines but I know these are not without side effects. Treating gout pain naturally will give you relief and will not pose any health hazard for you in the form of side effects in the near future.


If you are suffering from gout and having regular medicines to tackle the problem, I would highly recommend you to start treating gout in ankle naturally. The main reason is that it is effective, without any side effects and will offer relief in the years to come. You cannot simply depend on your medicines all the while – can you?




Yes, you have read it right. In one of my researches related gout, I found that humans receive just 80% of oxygen which their body needs. This means that an oxygen deficiency exists in the body which leads to poor circulation in the body that ultimately leads to gout in ankle. So, what do you need to do? Simple – get up early in the morning and breathe in some fresh air. You can also learn easy breathing exercises and do them for around 20 minutes in a day. Your circulation will improve and your gout pain will reduce effectively, that too without additional pills.


Vitamin C:


We all know the importance of vitamin C in our day to day lives. Increase your intake of Vitamin C. Have fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin c like guavas and green leafy vegetables. You will notice a marked level of strength, as your immunity level builds up and your body gets ready to cope with diseases. A daily dose of vitamin C is essential for getting relief from gout in ankle pain.


Flush Out Impurities from your body:


Do you know that our body fights against impurities in the form of toxins everyday? In fact, in case if you are not aware, we ourselves bring these toxins into our system through the foods and drinks we consume. We may not be able to control the production of toxins in our body but we can do our bit to flush them out. So, to flush out toxins you need to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Drink at least 10 glasses of water everyday so that your body flushes these out. You can also do light to moderate exercises depending on your strength, so that you can lose more toxins in the form of sweat. Flushing out toxins will improve circulation or else your gout in ankle pain is going to increase.


These were some natural methods to tackle gout in ankle. No additional expenditure or effort needed and most importantly, no side effects at all. Hope you have a painless life ahead.

Can You Control Gout In Ankle With Food? Part 2

Can You Control Gout In Ankle With Food? Part 2

Stay away from all kinds of seafood as these are a very rich source of purine which leads to gout in ankle pain. Scallops and shellfish should be completely avoided as these cause gout attacks. From my personal experience I have found my gout in ankle pain increasing whenever I consumed shellfish. There appears to be a direct relation between shellfish and gout pain.


You have to keep away from foods which are rich in purines. If we consumed foods which are source of purines we will be increasing uric acid levels in our body, since uric acid is formed due to the breakdown of purine. Stay away from red meats, liver, tongue, tripe and kidneys as these are going to aggravate your pain further.


When my dietician restricted some vegetables, I was stunned. Can vegetables also be a reason for gout in ankle? If you are fond of mushrooms, lentils, beans, peas and spinach, you will have to leave these, since these can increase your gout pain. Since all these vegetables are rich in purines they will increase the uric acid levels in your body.


Thus, bring about a slight change in your diet and be lucky enough to stay relaxed and spend painless moments. I think, controlling the diet is an easier way than popping pills or going for strict exercises.