How Vitamins Can Help In Gout Treatment

How Vitamins Can Help In Gout Treatment


Those who suffer from gout in ankle know how excruciating the pain turns out to be in its full form. To keep these flare ups under control you need to stay healthy and limit many foods which can cause these flare ups.


Role Of Vitamin C:

 vitamin c for gout

Though you will be following a healthy lifestyle and leading a disciplined lifestyle, you also need to have vitamin C in abundance which plays a great role in keeping the gout attacks under control.


Now, how you can have Vitamin C? Well you can have vitamin C supplements or have plenty of fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin C and will fulfill your regular dose. If still in doubt and need to check how Vitamin C can help, here are some quick benefits of Vitamin C for your gout in ankle.


Reduces Your Uric Level:


If you suffer from gout, you need not be told about the role of uric acid in your pain attacks. If you have vitamin C regularly, your uric acid levels in blood will decrease, which in turn will reduce all the risks associated with gout attacks.


In a recent study it was found that men who had 600-900 mg of vitamin C regularly had a reduced chance (14%) of gout attacks, than those who did not have this vitamin at all. Speak to your physician once and have around 500mg of vitamin C everyday for at least 2 months. You will notice that you have successfully lowered uric acid levels in your blood.


Helps in Reducing Inflammation:


Vitamin C in our body helps to keep it protected from any kind of inflammation which can arise due to gout. Having 500 gm of vitamin C everyday, helps in reducing inflammation of all those suffering from gout in ankle.


People suffering from gout in ankle need to have at least 500mcg of vitamin C which helps in reduction of serum uric acid. This will help in preventing damages in your ankle joints due to gout. Vitamin C works as an antioxidant too which means it helps in removing harmful toxins from the body.


Role of Vitamin E:

vitamin e for gout

Just as we need vitamin C for gout, Vitamin E is equally important. It is also a great antioxidant which means that people suffering from gout in ankle can be assured of reduced inflammation in their joints. Vitamin E can be had in supplement form or included in diet in the form of flaxseed supplements and fish oil.


Role of Vitamin B:

vitamin b for gout

Vitamin B folic acid also plays an important role in treating gout in ankle. Vitamin B is known to inhibit the action of an enzyme which produces uric acid that is produced in the body. This helps in fighting the different symptoms of gout and also in reducing the pain. It is recommended to have uric acid along with vitamin C in your daily diet.


If you suffer from gout and still haven’t started your daily dose of the vitamin, it is time to start as soon as possible and move towards a healthy painless life.

How To Help Gout Sufferers

How To Help Gout in Ankle Sufferers


Several people across the globe are diagnosed with gout in ankle every year. I still remember, the kind of stress I went through, when my Doctor told me, I have gout. This happens with all – patients feel depressed and negative – they start believing that everything is over. It is going to be a painful life – but actually it is not so. Yes, pain might be there but this is not the end of the world.


If you know someone suffering from conditions like gout in ankle, you can do a lot to make them feel better.


Help Them With Diet:


When someone in your family has gout, you know the person has food restrictions. Why not restrict yourself with the same food for some days at least, when dining in the same place? This gesture is certainly going to make the patient feel better. Slight cooperation and few positive words about recovery can make a huge difference.


Communicate and Interact:


When gout is diagnosed by the Doctor and the patient comes in terms with the reality, the going gets really tough. This is the time when they need maximum support and mental strength. Friends or family whoever is stuck in this situation, you need to do your best to communicate and speak to the person. You need to keep them morally motivated to fight with the condition and make them feel positive that gout can be tackled at home through a diet and healthy lifestyle.


Help Exercise:


People suffering from gout in ankle need to stay fit and exercise regularly. Light to moderate exercises are recommended which helps to keep blood circulation. So, why not be their partner to exercise? You can accompany people suffering from gout in their short evening walks or even in their gyms. It shall keep them motivated to continue with their exercise routines. A little contribution from your end can actually make a difference in their lives.


Plan a Diet:


If someone in your family is suffering from gout in ankle, you can help them in planning their diet items.  If you can cook why not prepare a few dishes for the person – at least it is going to be a change for the taste glands too. Search the internet and know about various recipes for gout patients. You can suggest all such preparations and help them bring a change in their diet.


Help Patients Leave Alcohol or Beer:

 gout in ankle

Alcohol and beer leads to gout and people must leave both of these if they wish to lead a healthy life. However, it is always not so easy to leave alcohol or beer. If someone close to you is trying to leave and is finding things difficult, you can help. Try to divert the attention or offer some other drink – maybe as a replacement. Beer and alcohol raise the level of uric acid which leads the intensity of gout in ankle attacks and makes life really difficult.


These small contributions from your end may seem a little effort to you, but you never know, you can bring a smile in the face of someone. Why not give it a try?

How to Stay In Job When Suffering From Gout in Ankle?

How to Stay In Job When Suffering From Gout in Ankle?


Well – this was the first thing, which struck my mind when I was told I have gout in ankle. The first thing, which came to my mind was that how will I continue with my job, my daily work? Will my life be crippled? Well – if you have the same kind of thoughts rushing your mind, do not worry as all is not over yet. Gout will not cripple you – you just need to take care of the situation and prepare your mind and body to cope with it.


Staying in job and fulfilling all your responsibilities with pain is not easy. So, why not do everything to avoid such a situation and let it not arise. If it arises too, you need to know quick ways to stop the pain from taking over. Carry your medicines, painkillers and compress kit with you everyday, so that if the pain arises all of a sudden, you can take care of it then and there without rushing back home.


What to do at work?

working with gout

Take frequent breaks and move:

One of the main reasons for any kind of pain is lack of blood circulation. Gout in ankle pain can also be triggered by poor blood circulation, though this may not always be the case. So, if you have a job where you need to sit back in a place for several hours, you should take small breaks. Move about a little bit, stretch your leg muscles and move your feet and toes often. This will ensure that you have smooth blood flow. Chances of gout attacks will also decrease.


Drink Water not Aerated Drinks:


With cafeteria just a few steps away the tendency to sip cold drinks is always high. No, if you suffer from gout in ankle, you need to control this. Stay away from all sorts of sugary drinks. No fruit juices also. Keep a water bottle close by and keep drinking water at regular intervals to keep your body hydrated. Keeping body hydrated will help in flushing away toxins from body which can actually cause pain.


How to tackle sudden symptoms of gout attacks?


Once in a meeting with client, I started feeling the symptoms of gout attack– sitting in the same place for a long duration probably triggered the gout in ankle pain. To tackle such an attack when you do not have much to do, the best solution is to stay immobile. Try not to move when the pain starts as it will cause you more trouble. Keep pain relievers handy and have them till the pain subsides and you are able to move.


If you are able to arrange cold compresses it can be an added advantage. Though this is not going to cure your problem permanently, it is going to offer you relief instantly, as the chill will numb the area and you will actually not be able to feel the pain.


Hope these ideas will help you to tackle gout in ankle pain and help you lead a normal life with the difficult condition.